Grade 1 Term 4 Formal Assessment Package 2023 – 2024


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Grade 1 Term 4 Formal Assessment Package

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Afrikaans Formele Assessering
– Afdeling A: Luister en praat
– Afdeling B: Klanke
– Afdeling C: Geskrewe begrip
– Afdeling D: Handskrif
– Afdeling E: Skrif

Life Skills Formal Assessment
– Section A: Introduction knowledge and personal and social well-being
– Section B: Performing Arts
– Section C: Visual Art
– Section D: Physical Education

Mathematics Formal Assessment
– Section A: Numbers, operations and relationships
– Section B: Patterns, functions and algebra
– Section C: Space and shape
– Section D: Measurement
– Section E: Data handling

English Formal Assessment
– Section A: Listening and speaking
– Section B: Phonics
– Section C: Written comprehension
– Section D: Handwriting
– Section E: Writing